War memorial restoration

War memorial restoration

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You may have noticed that the area around the war memorial has been boarded up until recently. That’s because the memorial has beenĀ  restored in time for this year’s remembrance commemorations, marking 100 years since the end of WWI. The work was done by the stonemason, Andy Chalk, who will be known to Datchet Village Society members for his restoration work on the Edmund Earley gravestone in the churchyard. The project was funded on behalf of the village by the Barker Bridge House Trust.

Andy kindly sent us some photographs of the work in progress:

Over the past few years, the DVS has been researching the lives of the men who are remembered on the war memorial. Click here to read their stories. During the course of this research, we also came across Datchet men who died in WWI who are not remembered on the memorial for various reasons. You can find out more about those men here. We are currently investigating the possibility of adding some of these men’s names to the memorial in time for the centenary of the end of WWI.

You can read more about Datchet’s War Memorials on Janet Kennish’s Datchet History website: http://datchethistory.org.uk/streetshouses/village-greens/how-many-war-memorials/

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