Is your house on the map?

Is your house on the map?

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There are now maps from 1833, 1868, 1899, 1912, and the 1960s/70s on the historical maps section of the website.

The 1868 map of Datchet which was given to the DVS recently and the complete 1833 enclosure map, the earliest detailed one of Datchet, are both very clear and you can zoom in to the fine detail. Even if your house was not built at that time, you will be able to see how the land was being used before. If your house is Victorian or later, see if you can find it on the maps from 1899, 1912 and the 1960s-70s which have also recently been added to the same website.

Find out more about the history of your own house

In February we started our new House Histories project for members who’d like to find out about the history of their own houses, and the people who have lived there, by doing the research themselves. For houses built from Victorian times onwards there are many resources, both online and in local libraries, which can be quite easily used – and at the DVS we’ll be able to offer plenty of advice and support to start you off! If you’re interested to join us and want to research the history of your own house, click here for more information.

If you’d like to read more about the growth of Datchet, please see

You can also read more about individual streets and houses here:

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