IMG_8410You will probably have seen our DVS photographer, Adrian Giddins, at many village and DVS events. We keep photographic records of our activities and use these to illustrate our newsletter and website. They are also added to the DVS Photo Archive which is a unique set of images, collected and managed for many years by Rob Gordon and more recently by Adrian. (Please let us know if you don’t wish any photos of yourself to be used.)


18 JUNE Visit to Brooklands: Tommy Sopwith

We organised a special members’ visit to Brooklands, ‘the birthplace of British Motorsport and Aviation’, to learn more about aviation pioneer Sir Thomas Sopwith. He created quite a stir in Datchet in 1911 when he landed his bi-plane on the golf course, twice! Once on the way to see his family who lived here and, two weeks later, en route to visit the royal family at Windsor Castle. Brooklands’ volunteer David Hassard gave a fascinating talk about Sir Thomas, his links with Datchet, his flying achievements, and his impact on the development of planes, motorbikes and yachts, then we were free to explore the various halls and exhibits at leisure, with the opportunity to race in an F1 car simulator, board a variety of aircraft, and even sit in the cockpit of a Harrier Jump Jet and Hawker Hunter.

You can read more about Tommy Sopwith on the Datchet History website.

More photographs to follow…

25 MAY Bird survey at Willowfields and The Land at Mill Place

DVS members were invited to join a bird survey of The Willowfields and The Land at Mill Place, the area behind the Recreation Ground, with Wild About Datchet, on Saturday 25 May at 7.30am. (Wild About Datchet is a new community group which aims to discover, celebrate, improve and protect wild things and wild places in Datchet and the surrounding countryside.) Birds are an indicator species; the numbers and types of birds can tell us a lot about the condition of these areas and how well they can support wildlife. The results of this survey might help inform any future decisions about how best to manage the trees and scrub in that area.

The survey was led by Brian, a volunteer from the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust, who has a remarkable talent for being able to identify birds from their songs and calls, he didn’t even need to see them. It was an interesting and informative walk even for those of us who didn’t know much about birds already but were keen to learn more. Around 25 different birds were identified.

1 MAY Stone Age Datchet

After a short business meeting at this year’s AGM on 1 May at St Mary’s Primary Academy, John Powell, senior fieldwork archaeologist from Wessex Archaeology, gave a talk about the fascinating archaeological remains dating back 12,000 years which have been found at Riding Court Farm. One of the most exciting discoveries is a huge Stone-Age circular enclosure of national importance. Excavations are revealing the hidden secrets of this monument, including what is thought to be a Stone-Age house, as well as fascinating finds of pottery, tools, and a rare antler comb. (Images from Riding Court courtesy of Wessex Archaeology)



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