Datchet Parish Council & DVS

Datchet Parish Council & DVS

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Since its inauguration in 1995, Datchet Village Society has conducted walks and talks about the Conservation Area and its purpose. At the 2016 summer fete we also produced a detailed photographic display to promote wider understanding about Conservation Areas.

Janet Kennish, chair of Datchet Village Society, was recently invited to give a presentation on the subject to Datchet Parish Council because changes to local planning now give councils a chance for more involvement in Conservation Areas. The DVS will also be represented on a Parish Council group which considers the Conservation Area among other village centre issues; and on Datchet’s Neighbourhood Planning Group.

Paul Bonnici-Waddingham, a qualified Heritage Designer and DVS committee member, has been in discussion with the Parish Council about a future use for the Cemetery Chapel. DPC hopes to find a commerical solution which retains the chapel’s Listed status but gives the building a new modern purpose. The aim is to make the building financially self-supporting.

More information

Read more about the Conservation Area on Janet Kennish’s Datchet History website: http://datchethistory.org.uk/general-articles/conservation-area/

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