Borough Local Plan

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The Royal Borough’s Local Plan (BLP) will have a very big impact on Datchet in the next few years. 360 new housing units The Draft Borough Local Plan outlines development in the Borough for the next 20 years, including housing … Continued

Riverside Update

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The pile-driving at the riverfront has been completed by the contractor, Cook Piling, and the new river wall, financed by Datchet Parish Council, RBWM and the Barker Bridge House Trust, and the first round of riverside improvement works have been … Continued

New Datchet Greetings Card

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Datchet Village Society has just launched a new greetings card with a bird’s eye view of the village taken from the church steeple. This card will be on sale in outlets around the village alongside our first card, the colourful … Continued

Datchet’s WWI Soldiers

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Interested to learn more about the men behind the names on the war memorial? A small group of Datchet Village Society members has been researching the lives of soldiers commemorated on the village green. We’ve now started to publish their … Continued

Datchet Parish Council & DVS

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Since its inauguration in 1995, Datchet Village Society has conducted walks and talks about the Conservation Area and its purpose. At the 2016 summer fete we also produced a detailed photographic display to promote wider understanding about Conservation Areas. Janet … Continued

See our latest exhibitions again

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Datchet Village Society had two very special exhibitions on display at the Party for the Queen on the Green in June and also at the Village Fete at Churchmead School in July 2016. Datchet’s Conservation Area For the fete, DVS … Continued

Is your house on the map?

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There are now maps from 1833, 1868, 1899, 1912, and the 1960s/70s on the historical maps section of the website. The 1868 map of Datchet which was given to the DVS recently and the complete 1833 enclosure map, the … Continued

Tree-Ring Dating

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A few years ago the Barker Bridge Trust (which owns the Royal Stag) learnt that the oldest parts of the pub were built around 1494, by having tree-ring dating carried out. Now at the DVS we’re hoping to discover when … Continued

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